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Vinu K

I am currently a Linux Professional and passionately walking in the track of OpenShift. Previously, I worked as an Electrical Engineer (then, why Linux? I had a vision, so to speak) in start-up.

I obtained Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kerala. I am a Red Hat OpenStack Professional and Red Hat Certified Engineer .

Tools that I use on a daily basis — Git, Bash, Ansible, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Docker, Linux debugging tools such as strace, perf, nmap and tcpdump.

I enjoy writing useful & reusable bash scripts to make task easier — check out my scripts. However, when it comes to automation I would rather Ansible.

I do not usually miss any technical event or gathering. However, I have had the good fortunate to be the part of:
Oracle Bare Metal DBCS Sales Play Workshop
Google Cloud Partner Summit
AWS Technical Essentials Day
Red Hat Boot Camp
AWS Technical Day 2018
AWS Summit 2018
Google Summit 2018
Google Cloud OnBoard 2018
AWS summit 2019

I spend time on DIY projects. Most of my projects are based on Raspberry Pi. Some of them are:
AdBlocker Router
Smart TV Using Kodi


What do you do for living?
I am a technical support engineer for OpenShift Container Platform at Red Hat. That is an another way of saying I wake up everyday thinking about OpenShift and how do we make sure that we solve tough technical problems.

How do you maintain this blog?
This blog is a Jekyll generated static website hosted on GitHub Pages. I borrowed this template from Taylan Tatli and made changes that I needed. My blog workflow is using Netlifycms because of the easy content management and open-source license. For major and minor site changes, I do have Jekyll, Vim, Tmux, Apache and Firefox combination with Ubuntu or Arch Linux.

Why did you choose the name gnulinuxmate?
GNU/Linux + "A fellow member of the same interest".

What are the three things that you cannot live without?
Mechanical keyboard, terminal and Raspberry Pi.

Which is your favorite Linux distribution?
I started using Ubuntu at first and moved to Arch Linux as my desktop customization is expanded over time.

How do you accept request for your CV?
You can send request in here or there.