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Pihole - Adblocker for your network

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11 Oct 2017

Pihole briefly a ad-blocker application which can be directly deployed in Linux machines to clean the network from advertisements. A Raspberry-pi will do the job very neatly if dedicated computer is your primary concern.

As we all know, common ad-blocker application will do the job in some extent but this one can make the difference, I can tell you that. Installation is as simple as copy-paste one-line command from the official website. After the successful installation we are provided with a assigned IP which should be put into the DNS part of the devices. DNS-level ad-block is the most highlighted features of Pi-hole as we don’t have to configure anything in the access side by configuring the router to have DHCP client use the Pi-hole installed device as their DNS server.


Supported operating systems
Raspbian: Jessie (lite / with pixel)
Ubuntu: 14.04 / 16.04 / 16.10
Fedora: 24 / 25
Debian: 8.6
CentOS: 7.2.1511 / 7.3.1611

We could also install Pi-hole in our personal laptop/desktop if you don’t want any dedicated device for the same.

Pi-hole provides information-rich web interface which through we could keep track of the stats and change settings. We can find it at: http://your-ip/admin/index.php or http://pi-hole/admin

If you are having a working Linux device, definitely you should give Pi-hole a try.

Thank you for reading.

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