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Pandoc - Simple Text to PDF Conversion

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07 Sep 2017

Although we do have rich-text editors, we do not really need those, which comes heavy, to write a simple letter and save it as PDF file. Moreover, some people like to work in terminal to make their work distraction-free (Yes, The complete Game of Thrones book was written with VIM text editor). Here, I am using VIM and PANDOC to do that job.

Pandoc is a simple command-line interface (CLI) tool which converts text to PDF, not only .txt files, but also .html, .md and more. First of all, we are using VIM to write the content and :wq! to save it. Pandoc uses -i to source the file and -o to output the file.
For example,

pandoc -i file.txt -o file.pdf

In addition, pandoc can read Markdown format to enhance output.

Bold **text**
Italics *text*
Quote >text
Image [imageName](path)
Link [text](link)
Title %text

You must be wondering why do we need to learn all these to write a simple letter and why did I put the word simple in this blog title. But trust me, it’d worth learning. Markdown format will be very useful in many websites. Last but not least, I have added here the pdf copy of this post to get convinced.

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