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Linux Magazine Download Script

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22 May 2017

Since I have got Linux fever I have been searching for the all kind of Linux knowledge sources and found out that magazines are good sources of unheard things. As it turns out, I have made one script which quite small in lines but download all latest and previous issues of MagPi as well as Linux Voice magazines. Append below mentioned lines to bashrc file would run the script flawlessly.

LinuxVoice_Magazine_Downloader () {
mkdir -p ~/LinuxVoice
cd ~/LinuxVoice/
for i in {001..050} 
do wget --read-timeout=5 --tries=0 -c \$i/Linux-Voice-Issue-$i.pdf 
MagPi_Magazine_Downloader () {
mkdir -p ~/MagPi
cd ~/MagPi/
wget -c -r -A.pdf -np -nd -l1 -erobots=off \

New issues of Linux Voice is no longer available as it merged to Linux Magazine but it worth downloading the previous issues as a Linux enthusiast.

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